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How to Contribute

Everyone has a story to tell. If there are special people in your life willing to share theirs, you can contribute to the StoryNet archive and help us weave their memories, insights, wisdom and unique voices into Canada’s cultural heritage.

Your business, school or community organisation can participate by bringing StoryNet to special events. Recording and sharing conversations with special people is a great way to pay tribute to the contributions they make to our lives and communities.

StoryNet recordings make great gifts and can form part of your organisation’s annual fundraising activities.


How it Works

As the host organisation, you suggest ideas, select interview subjects and work with StoryNet to schedule and coordinate one or more recording sessions.

StoryNet will furnish:

  • up to four 40-minute interviews per day, led by a trained facilitator with professional sound-recording equipment
  • a CD copy of each interview for your organisation to archive, edit and reproduce as needed
  • archiving of the interviews on the StoryNet website

What you have to supply:

  • A quiet, comfortable place for conducting the recordings
  • Interview subjects
  • A contact person to schedule and coordinate the interviews



StoryNet interview facilitation and recording services are billed at $600 per day, plus travel expenses.

For more information or to begin scheduling a StoryNet session in your community,  please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Or telephone toll-free 1-877-964-0409 or (local) 819-564-9595.