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Thursday, 30 August 2012 17:06 | Published in Work | Read 1610 times | More in this category: « The Village Oven Doctor Hot Rod »

River Boat Man

  • Recording Date: 30-07-2012
  • Storyteller: Don McColgan
  • Province: Quebec
  • Language: English



"I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 45 years down on the river there."


The seasonal ferry between Quyon, Quebec and Fitroy Harbour, Ontario will stop running as usual in November, 2012.


But this year marks the end of an era for Donald McColgan, whose family has been operating the Quyon Ferry since the 1950s.


Between 1969 and 1971 his father Edward ‘Slick’ McColgan built two all-steel vessels equipped with diesel engines. These were to replace an old gasoline-powered paddle-wheel that had served communities on both sides of the Ottawa River since 1916.


Now these boats are being retired, too.


Don talks to StoryNet about the unexpected turn his life took after his father died prematurely in 1973, and remembers the special Pontiac farmer whose talent for mechanics helped him keep the ferries running.



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