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Saturday, 13 October 2012 16:38 | Published in Nature | Read 2972 times | More in this category: « Twelve Days to Quebec Bucket List »

The Green Divide

  • Recording Date: 13-10-2012
  • Storyteller: Cynthia and Joan Dow
  • Province: Quebec
  • Language: English

"You have to be careful of exactly who you who you listen to and what you believe when it comes to the environment."

Joan Bisson Dow is a household name in Eastern Quebec when it comes to volunteer action.  As co-founder of the British Gaspesian Heritage Village in New Richmond, she was instrumental in reacquainting younger generations with the rich history of English-speaking communities along the Baie des Chaleurs coast.

These days jobs are hard to come by here and many young people have no choice but to leave in order to find work.  Which is why she welcomes news that a new cement plant is to be built in Port Daniel, where she grew up.

Joan’s daughter Cynthia doesn’t share her mother’s enthusiasm. She’s part of an environmental watchdog group that questions the promoter’s claims about the cement plant’s impact on air and water quality.  

What is the point of creating jobs if doing so degrades the very ecosystem on which life depends?

Two women. Two generations. And two views on the risk and benefit of industrial development in Gaspesian communities.






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