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Monday, 18 February 2013 20:53 | Published in Religion | Read 2539 times | More in this category: Arnold's Mission »

Woman of the Cloth

  • Recording Date: 21-01-2013
  • Storyteller: Linda Spear
  • Province: Quebec
  • Language: English

"Just the fact that I exist is a challenge to the present order of things."



In 2009 Linda Spear began her journey to become the Quebec’s first ordained female Roman Catholic priest.


This makes her a sinner in the eyes of the male Church hierarchy, though she considers herself a religious and social activist.   She is not alone.


Over the last decade ten Canadians and 120 women world-wide have ignored the Vatican’s ban on female ordination and qualified to enter Catholic priesthood through a growing clerical-reform movement that began in Europe in 2002.


Linda tells StoryNet about her lifelong desire to serve as a priest, the support she’s received from other Christian faith groups in the community where she lives, and why she thinks conservative doctrine weakens the religious tradition she loves.


Recorded in Bedford, Quebec.



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