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Not long after she was married in 1991 Donna Vaughan began to suffer crippling headaches and bouts of dizziness.


Arnim Hector came from the Caribbean to help build Canada.




Dorothy Phillips delved into her ancestors' diaries for

William Arnold emigrated to Canada from Ireland in the early 1800s and was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1826 by Bishop Stewart at Quebec City.


Winnie Campbell was just 17 when she eloped with 21 year-old Lorn Turriff in 1938.




Cooks, butlers, maids and gardeners: Grand 19th-century households were not the exclusive privilege of Britain's leisure classes.





Sam Bujold wouldn't trade his camp in the Canadian woods for a life in his mother's native England.


Sixteen years ago Catherine Tactuk had no idea that she would marry the man from Canada she'd met online.




Butch Crack has a knack for cattle breeding and he figured out a long time ago that he’d rather sell cows than milk them.


Joy Nugent lives in the rambling farmhouse that her great-grandfather built in 1854, a mile or so from the village of Kinnear's Mills.




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